Our Mission

To protect the County’s environment, citizens, and economy from adverse effects caused by activities relating to the extraction and use of water resources and to seek mitigation of any existing or future adverse effects resulting from such activities.

Inyo County Water Department

Any questions regarding water systems, service, or billing should be directed to Public Works at 760-878-0201.

The Inyo County Water Department (ICWD) monitors the vegetation, soil water, and hydrology of the Owens Valley following ground-water exportation by the City of Los Angeles. The Inyo County Water Department (ICWD) assists in the implementation of the County Policy on Extraction and Use of Water, the Agreement, FEIR, MOU and Ordinance 1004 (see Resolution 99-43) Inyo County and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power use this information to jointly manage the valley’s water resources under the Inyo/Los Angeles Water Agreement. ICWD also advises the County on other water resource issues in Inyo County. In addition, ICWD conducts research and carries out saltcedar control programs.

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