Inyo/LA Cooperative Studies

The following are summaries of seven cooperative studies being developed or conducted by the Inyo/Los Angeles Technical Group. The full study proposals can be accessed by clicking the individual study titles.

1. Evapotranspiration from Groundwater-Dependent Plant Communities: Comparison of Micrometeorological Measurements and Vegetation-based Measurements
Robert Harrington, Aaron Steinwand, ICWD; Paula Hubbard, David Martin, LADWP
Approved by Standing Committee, March 23, 2000.
See proposal here
See final report here (2.5MB, September 15, 2004)

2. Characterization of Confining Layer Hydrologic Conductivity and Storage Properties in the Owens Valley
Randy Jackson, ICWD; Saeed Jorat, LADWP
Approved by Standing Committee March 23, 2000.
The purpose of this study is to determine confining layer hydrologic properties to assist groundwater modeling efforts (study #1) and to improve the management of wells sealed to the deep aquifer. Pumping from deep aquifers potentially could be managed differently than the Green Book methods. Without information to be developed by this study, however, the magnitude and timing of the water table drawdown from pumping deep aquifers are difficult to predict, complicating any assessment of the effects of different pumping scenarios. A stepwise approach is proposed, starting with analysis of existing data and progressing to low and high intensity field projects, if necessary.

See final report here (2.2MB, April 10, 2003)

3. Shallow and Deep Groundwater Geochemistry and the Source of Spring and Seep Water in the Owens Valley
Aaron Steinwand, Randy Jackson, ICWD; Saeed Jorat, Paula Hubbard, LADWP
Approved by Standing Committee
See proposal here
See final report here

4. Greenbook Revisions

Green Book Revision Framework Document (Nov 27, 2006).

5. Radius of Influence Report

Radius of Influence report from Montgomery Watson Harza