Water Purchases Policy

At its meeting today on January 8, 1998 in Los Angeles, the Inyo County/Los Angeles Standing Committee directed staff from the County and LADWP to develop a permanent policy regarding water development projects in Inyo County for consideration by the Standing Committee. Until such a permanent policy has been adopted by the Standing Committee, in order to provide protection for the environment and economy of Inyo County, the Standing Committee agreed that:

“The City of Los Angeles will not enter into any agreement to purchase or otherwise acquire water extracted or diverted from within Inyo County unless it has been first informed by the County that the County and the seller of the water have entered into an agreement which provides for the management of the extraction or diversion of the water in a manner that insures the protection of the County’s environment and economy. If after such notification the City of Los Angeles enters into an agreement with the seller to purchase water the purchase agreement will specifically require, as a continuing condition to the purchase of any water, that the seller be in full compliance with the provisions of the agreement with the County.”