General North/South Boundaries of LADWP Wellfields

General North/South Boundaries of LADWP Wellfields

LADWP Groundwater Pumping

LADWP has a network of pumping wells throughout the Owens Valley (see map to the right).  The Inyo County Water Department monitors the groundwater pumping to ensure that it meets the guidelines set out in the LADWP Annual Operations Plans and Pumping Programs.

  • DWP Pumping Summaries – Links to LADWP website
  • LADWP Annual Operations Plans – A requirement of the Inyo/LA Water Management Agreement, LADWP provides Inyo County an Operations Plan every April, of which a component is the Pumping Program, updates on Owens Valley Conditions, E/M Project Status, Mitigation Measure Status, and the Bishop Cone Audit.
  • LADWP Pumping Programs – Although included in the Operations Plans, the Pumping Programs are featured in their own section on this website.  In addition to groundwater pumping,  Pumping Programs included a variety of information: Runoff Forecasts, past pumping, planned pumping, wellfield conditions, and groundwater mining updates.