Yellow-billed Cuckoo Habitat Enhancement Plans at Baker Creek and Hogback Creek in Inyo County

ybcu_dscn5741Project Description:

The proposed project includes the implementation of habitat enhancement plans for the yellow- billed cuckoo at Baker Creek and Hogback Creek in Inyo County. These plans are to be implemented in keeping with the 1997 MOU between LADWP and various parties to provide resolution of the conflict and settle concerns between the parties over the LORP and other provisions of the 1991 EIR. These enhancement plans guide actions or projects to maintain and/or improve habitat and supplemental irrigation to improve habitat for yellow-billed cuckoos over 740 acres of land already owned by LADWP. The plans also provide for altered grazing practices and recreational use of the sites to accommodate the plan to maintain and/or enhance habitat for the yellow-billed cuckoo.