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LORP Technical Memoranda

Ecosystem Sciences, Inc., a consultant for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, developed a series of technical memoranda for the Lower Owens River Project setting out management recommendations for the project.


#1 Hydrologic Plan for Implementing Initial Maximum and Minimum River Flows
#2 Initiation of Resource User Group/Recreation Plan -- LORP
#3 Distribution and Abundance of Beaver in the Lower Owens River
#5 Outline of a Preliminary Plan for Conservation of Threatened and Endangered Species
#6 Results of User Group Interviews
#7 Water Quality in the Lower Owens River: Existing and Future Conditions
#9 Management of Tules and Organic Sediments
#10 Framework for the Recreation Plan
#11 Critical Path for Flow Management During the Initial Years
#12 Springs and Seeps Inventory and Assessment
#18 LORP Wetland Management Plan/Blackrock Waterfowl